Uncategorized May 13, 2020

Hoping to Buy a Home? Education is Key!

buy a home
Are you ready to buy a home? Buying a home can sometimes be a tiring and stressful experience. For some, it is too daunting to even begin! Perhaps you don’t know where to start, but know you want to eventually own a home? Maybe you have been saving but aren’t really sure how much you need before you can start looking. Through our years of experience in real estate, and hundreds of home-buying transactions, we know that education is key to a smooth and successful home buying process.

Education is Key!

The more educated you are on what to expect, how the housing market works, how lending works, and how to successfully save for a home, the better equipped you will be once you are ready to buy. Our job as Realtors is to guide you through the process and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. And the more you know about this process the better we can all work through it together.

We recently came across a helpful guide from Money.com we hope will be very useful to many of you. This guide helps to simplify seemingly complex concepts. Things such as debt-to-income ratios, down payments, and how much is really needed, allocating your assets, and more. If you are able, please check out this guide here:  https://money.com/how-much-house-can-i-afford/

realtorWe would love to know any questions, any areas about which you want more information, or just to chat about any thoughts and realizations you had from reading it. We are here and are hoping to hear from you!

Need a Lender?

Are you ready to begin the process of purchasing a home? Whether planning for your first home purchase or your next home purchase, we have a network of local lenders to help. Working with a lender before beginning your home search will enable you to know exactly how much you can afford to spend. We have seen many people qualify for more than they thought they could!  Knowing your budget is the optimal place to begin the home search process and will ensure the best and most accurate results. If you are in need of a qualified broker, please let us know as we are happy to connect you with our trusted and tenured lender.  You will be in good hands!