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IMAGINE: You are with family & friends, celebrating the successful sale of your home. This special day was always a certainty because you have a REALTOR® who “never gives up.” You may have just purchased a home or you may have just sold a home. The often stressful process went smoothly because there were very few surprises. Each step had been explained ahead of time so you knew what to expect. Your agent did not pressure you, but did give you necessary information to enable you to make good decisions while respecting your personal needs & wants. Attention to every detail was paramount. Communication was an essential element of the transaction and you never had to wonder what was happening.


You were certain that you had received the “Highest Possible Price” if you had sold your home or the “Best Price” if you had purchased your home, because your REALTOR® was an excellent negotiator who always treated your money as if it were their money!


We are The Mower Group and the above scenario is our goal for each and every one of our clients. Joell Mower, our lead listing agent, was employed in health care for 20 years, many of them in management, before she became a REALTOR® in Santa Cruz County in 1988. The combination of both job experiences have enabled her to meet that goal over & over again.

Corin Mower Hammond brings an interesting background to her real estate career and The Mower Group. With over 15 years of experience as a Human Resources Director, Corin is experienced at working with others, problem-solving, and ensuring that all parties in each transaction are delighted with the results.

Jarah Sakamoto began her career in real estate and with The Mower Group with a strong marketing and legal compliance background. With over a decade of experience working in legal compliance in the healthcare field, Jarah is adept at combing over contracts and reports with efficiency and a careful eye.


Many of our clients have put our goal into their own words, “I know that you have many other clients besides myself, but you made me feel like I’m your only one.” To us, that is one of the highest accomplishments that we can achieve.


Please contact us for references to see what our best advocates, who are also our clients, have had to say about the A+ Service that we have provided! We’d love to have the opportunity of working with you towards the successful fruition of your real estate goals!


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