Uncategorized April 11, 2020

3 Easy DIY Easter Crafts for Your Weekend

Looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids this weekend? For most of us, Easter weekend and our celebrations look a little different this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create fun memories with your family and do something festive. Here are three simple do-it-yourself Easter crafts. Try one this weekend, using things you likely already have laying around your house.

Egg Carton Spring Chicks

After you’re done making your Easter brunch deviled eggs save your egg cartons. These egg carton chicks from Typically Simple are a fun and easy way to recycle and reuse those egg cartons you have laying around. All you need is egg cartons, a little paint and a brush, glue, scissors, a marker and some paper. If you’re like most parents with kids in the house these things can be found scattered amongst your children’s backpacks. And the process is as simple as this:


1. cut apart two egg holders form the carton.

2. trim off excess edges and glue the two pieces together

3. paint and allow time to dry

4. add a beak and some eyes with your paper and markers

It’s as simple as that! You can get extra creative if you have any crafting feathers laying around and make some wings or hair. Use your completed spring chicks as your dinner centerpiece arranged on a cute platter or around your home as a spring decoration.

Easter Party Hats

Having an intimate Easter party at home – just you, your kids, and your sweat pants? Add in some DIY bunny party hats to make your family day more festive and keep your kids laughing. All you need for this fun Easter craft is cardstock in various colors, scissors, marker, glue dots, a crafting knife, and some twine. The House That Lars Built came up with this adorable craft, and they even offer an easy to follow template for this exact bunny hat craft. Head over to their site to print out your template and the full set of instructions.


Easter Egg Wreath

One of our very own local Santa Cruz mamas and friends, The Birth Project did this adorable craft with her two kids this week. All you need for this clever craft are some paper plates, markers, glue, and decorative craft supplies such as glitter, pom poms, or stickers. You merely cut out your wreath, cut out some eggs, decorate them all differently and fun, and glue them onto your wreath. String a ribbon through the top, hang, and enjoy the festive view! Check out The Birth Project’s website for more fun ideas and some empowering and powerful labor and delivery stories from local Santa Cruz moms.
Wishing you and your families a fun, safe, and happy Easter holiday. With love, from The Mower Group and our families to yours!